Welcome to YU-project

What is YU-project?

The "YU" of YU-project stands for

"You are Unlimited"

along with the many Japanese words pronounced "YU".

 勇 = Courage   遊 = Playfulness

由 = Freedom  癒 = Healing 


YU-project  encourages and supports people to live with courage 

through the original program YU-seminar, lectures and newsletters.

What is YU-seminar?

YU-seminar is a unique "up on your feet" experience where participants will move their body to music, join in interactive games, and inspire joy in communication incorporating theatre, English and motivational dialogues.


This multi-dimensional approach helps participants

open up their body and heart to unlock their untapped potential.


YU-seminar Gallery

Who is Minami Yusui?

Minami Yusui, a native of Kanazawa, Japan, is a Broadway performer who has appeared in numerous theatrical productions in the US and Japan. In 2002, she moved to New York to study theatre. Then in 2007, she moved back to Japan to join the Shiki Theatre Company where she performed in Wicked and Beauty and the Beast. Applying her experience and knowledge from her studies abroad, she translated and Assistant Directed the Japanese premiere of the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening in 2009.


Unable to abandon her dream of performing on Broadway, she left Shiki and returned to New York. That dream came true when Minami made her Broadway debut in The King and I starring Ken Watanabe and Kelli O'Hara. After her debut, Minami continued onto the Broadway companies of Miss Saigon in 2017 and My Fair Lady in 2018.


Having experienced "The sky is the limit" herself over and over again, she's thrilled to spread the message of "You are Unlimited" with YU-project.

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